New Build

With wide experience in most types of painting and decorating, KS Decor Limited enjoys meeting the challenges presented by demanding architectural and engineering design. With a nucleus of highly skilled labour, KS Decor Limited is in an excellent position to provide the attention to detail that is required of quality work.


Having carried out numerous projects on historic buildings we are experienced in providing sympathetic treatment and meeting the high standards expected by the specialist professionals who supervise this type of work.

Refurbishment and Conversion

Some of our largest projects have involved the conversion or refurbishment of existing buildings. The majority of this work has been in creating or refurbishing commercial, industrial and educational buildings. However, we also have considerable experience of this type of work as regards domestic buildings.

Routine Maintenance and Repairs

KS Decor Limited carries out most of its work for clients with large property portfolios. This is usually done on a term contract basis.

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House rework and complete redecoration